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Six Gallery — The New Milanese Design Oasis

Six Gallery — The New Milanese Design Oasis


Words by Laura Drouet & Olivier Lacrouts
Photography by Alberto Strada



In a city, Milan, marked by austere facades and big closed gates, there is always something special in discovering a new hidden courtyard. A sense of thrilling delight that the recently opened Six Gallery - in Via Scaldasole n°7 - satisfies with panache.



Six Gallery Milan Anniversary Magazine4.jpg
Six Gallery Milan Anniversary Magazine2.jpg

Looking from the street, the sole window on the clean facade offers a preview of the verdant and peaceful oasis. Moving in, an open-air patio acts as a filter between the city and the interior, where a small courtyard leads the way to three distinctive spaces: the design gallery, the Sixième bistro and the floral design boutique called Irene.

Six Gallery Milan Anniversary Magazine12.jpg
Six Gallery Milan Anniversary Magazine11 (1).jpg

Designed by David Lopez Quincoces and Fanny Bauer Grung - the duo behind architecture studio Quincoces-Dragò - together with art director Samuele Savio, the space - with its furniture and plants - feels like it has been there forever. And in one sense it has.

A former sixteenth century monastery, the main structure of the building - with the rawness of its distinctive vaulted ceilings - was left relatively untouched by the architects. Who decided to intervene with few, but decisive interventions: a spectacular skylight in the central room, water pipes left visible as graphic compositions and a dark smoky-grey coating that highlights the original brick walls. The austere ensemble - which is furnished with high-end designs by Gió Ponti, Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret, as well as with Vietnamese vases and modern Scandinavian furniture - is inhabited by a lush jungle of tropical plants.

Six Gallery Milan Anniversary Magazine11.jpg
Six Gallery Milan Anniversary Magazine5 (1).jpg

Initiated by Italian entrepreneur Mauro Orlandelli - who wanted to create "a holistic container, where the result is superior to the sum of its parts" - Six Gallery is a collaborative and multidisciplinary project that brings together music, plants, design, architecture and, of course, food. So, while Italian flower designer Irene Cuzzaniti realises delicate and thoughtful plant & flower compositions in her boutique Irene, Sergio Carnevale - a food affectionate and drummer of the Italian alternative rock band Bluvertigo - releases his gastronomy fantasies in the bistro, which serves a refreshing and simple seasonal menu.

Six Gallery Milan Anniversary Magazine10.jpg
Six Gallery Milan Anniversary Magazine5.jpg
Six Gallery Milan Anniversary Magazine2.jpg

For more info: six-gallery.com

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