Meriwee by Templeton Architecture

Retaining the optimistic façade and the generosity of the front rooms, Templeton have renovated and added to the simple form of this original, Art Deco dwelling. The concept is driven by the format, repetition and tactile quality of the bricks, which also offers unique, decorative design possibilities.

Stan Van Steendam: Deconstructing Materiality

The enigmatic work of Belgian artist Stan Van Steendam challenges our ideas of tradition and modernity. His work reflects a sense of intimacy that exists between the artist and his craft, his materials, and the emotions and sensations captured within his meditative creations…

Chloé by Templeton Architecture

Chloe is a romantic name meaning ‘young green growth’. Chosen to acknowledge ‘new growth’ in the form of the extension to the established federation home. Gracefully attaching to the original dwelling, the pavilion offers a new direction to live while regenerating the existing; creating a dwelling that is whole.

100 Years Of Bauhaus

Bauhaus is mostly associated with design and architecture — with pragmatic functionalism, geometric shapes and primary colors that would finally say goodbye to nostalgic ornaments and historical references. The catastrophic experiences of WWI motivated the Bauhauslers to rethink life, society and the everyday world radically…

Sincretismo by EWE Studio

EWE Studio’s latest collection Sincretismo subtly draws upon ancient wisdom, rituals, forms and materials of pre-hispanic cultures, which infuse EWE’s works with a richness. The collection embraces hand-carved techniques of wood, marble and stone indigenous to Mexico.

Arno Declercq: Raw and Graceful Design

Belgian furniture designer and art dealer, Arno Declercq, makes sculptural objects with a great passion for design, atmosphere, history and craft. After many travels and learning about interior design, materials, history and African art he opened his own gallery focusing on ethnographic art and design.

Collective/Collectible by MASA

Their inaugural exhibition, Collective/Collectible, features leading artists and designers from Mexico whose work challenges hierarchies of function and expression. Exhibiting artists include Pedro Reyes, Alma Allen, Frida Escobedo, Héctor Esrawe, Jose Dávila, Tezontle Studio and others.

Fitzroy House by Hecker Guthrie

Fitzroy House sees a warm and earthy palette set in amongst the heart of Fitzroy. A collaboration with JCB architects, the multi-residential development is proposed as a light insertion into the vibrant and energetic fabric of its surrounding residential-rich neighbours.