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Stan Van Steendam: Deconstructing Materiality

The enigmatic work of Belgian artist Stan Van Steendam challenges our ideas of tradition and modernity. His work reflects a sense of intimacy that exists between the artist and his craft, his materials, and the emotions and sensations captured within his meditative creations…

The Soulless Village

Nowadays, this small town is a place like any other. However in the woman's imagination, Lonewosuss was a dream, the refuge, the salvation, the adventure. A place where finally she could find herself, where she could express herself but also be understood.

Q+A with Light Artist Dori Deng

Dori Deng is a London based artist working at the frontier of art and design and specializing in light sculpture and time-based mediums. Through her architectural approach, she draws inspiration from each space and creates light-augmented environments.

Den Holm: Form Meets Function

Steven John Clark is the maker behind Den Holm; a stone mason and artist living and working in Melbourne, Australia. Originating from Scotland, Clark was traditionally trained as a stone mason before a path through fashion and textile embroidery led him back to his skills with stone design.