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The Soulless Village

Nowadays, this small town is a place like any other. However in the woman's imagination, Lonewosuss was a dream, the refuge, the salvation, the adventure. A place where finally she could find herself, where she could express herself but also be understood.

Q+A with Light Artist Dori Deng

Dori Deng is a London based artist working at the frontier of art and design and specializing in light sculpture and time-based mediums. Through her architectural approach, she draws inspiration from each space and creates light-augmented environments.

Den Holm: Form Meets Function

Steven John Clark is the maker behind Den Holm; a stone mason and artist living and working in Melbourne, Australia. Originating from Scotland, Clark was traditionally trained as a stone mason before a path through fashion and textile embroidery led him back to his skills with stone design.