5 Juillet by Laura Baldwinson

Photographer: Laura Baldwinson, Model: Rylee with JC Models, Makeup: Paula Lanzador with Nobasura (M.A.C Cosmetics), Hair: Tania Becker, Stylist: Caitlyn Beattie, Set Design for studio shots: Ami Sangha & Sophia Bosa, Florals: Eriko Semitsu, Assistants: Pier-Alexandre Gagné & Bradley Fairall.

DB Ghent by Frederic Kielemoes

Frederic Kielemoes is known for his consistent minimalist and elegant interior designs. Through the use of a variety of material including natural stone, marble, stained oak and copper he set the tone of DB Gent, an apartment based in Ghent, Belgium.

The Dream About Midsummer

The Dream About Midsummer focuses on the similarities between the creative process behind dance and design. In both of these practice, the result is something you express out from what you feel or believe in. A certain mood, influence or input.