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In Toto x Montréal a Milano

In Toto x Montréal a Milano

During the past Milan Design Week, the visual storytelling firm In Toto introduced Montreal design to Milan at Archiproducts' showroom in Navigli. Titled "Montreal a Milano", the project features a perfect selection of unique pieces from seven Montreal-based studios. The objects reflect the antinomy of warm summers and cold winters, skillfully guiding the spectator between the drastic contrasts of the lively Canadian city.

Chairs by  Zebulon Perron , shelves by  Foraine — Atelier Barda

Chairs by Zebulon Perron, shelves by Foraine — Atelier Barda

Shelves by  Foraine — Atelier Barda

Shelves by Foraine — Atelier Barda


The space evolves between vivid round shapes to sharp algid forms. This immersion begins with a TREMENDOUS terracotta shelf combined with an oversized coffee table, both by Foraine of Atelier Barda. Alongside these Foraine creations, two teal blue revolutionary prototype armchairs, by Zebulon Perron. These bent aluminum armchairs accentuate the space with their strong presence. It is a well-executed exploration of borders between form and function. Delicately suspended above the installation is the Mile by Lambert & Fils in a raw aluminium finish. This new iconic linear lighting emphasizes the effect of cold air settling in.

Pendants by  Lambert & Fils , round table & stools by  Foraine — Atelier Barda

Pendants by Lambert & Fils, round table & stools by Foraine — Atelier Barda

Pendants by  Lambert & Fils

Pendants by Lambert & Fils


As the spectator walks through the studio, careful thought was brought to the staging, allowing them to experience the beginning of the cold season in the first area whereas on the other side, the feeling becomes more washed out. The minimalist glass chair by Claste composes the second section of the showroom, another seducing space that evokes the cold air and the enjoyable feeling of a warm spring breeze coming in. This space is also punctuated by D’Armes’ wall-mounted luminaires which provide beautifully balanced linear pendant lighting; the first time it is unveiled. This particular attention to detail successfully highlights the hypersensitivity to our surroundings. The room is also dotted by precious kitchen tools by Maison Milan.

Pendant by  D'Armes

Pendant by D'Armes

Wall mounted fixtures by  D'Armes , kitchen tools by  Maison Milan

Wall mounted fixtures by D'Armes, kitchen tools by Maison Milan

Chair by  Claste

Chair by Claste


The showroom offers an eclectic portrait of Montreal through the eyes of its creative minds; an ode to the city’s contemporary design essence. As a special guest of Archiproducts, “Montreal a Milano” was curated by Azamit, a well-known style icon and visual storyteller.



On show until March 31st 2019
Archiproducts Milano
Via Tortona 31
Milan, Italy

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