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Teresa Margolles : Giving a Second Lease of Life to Vestiges of Violence

Teresa Margolles : Giving a Second Lease of Life to Vestiges of Violence

4000 women disappeared in Mexico in the past four years and none of them really provoked any movement from the authority. This shocking statement is one of those that are revealed in the last exhibition of the Montreal’s Museum of Contemporary Art; Mundos, by Mexican artist Teresa Margolles. Showcased since February 16th, the exhibition gives a second lease of life to these 4000 women and to a lot of others victims of brutality that live in constant social injustice.  


Teresa Margolles
Now open at Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal
Until May 14, 2017


Curated by John Zeppetelli and Emeren Garcia, the exhibition is structured around installations, photos and videos. The artworks are all linked by their conceptual violence, reminding the sufferings endured by people confronted to a socio-political fragile context.  Through a spot-on alliance joining dramatic intensity to a formal sensitivity, Margolles’ work present the vestiges of some of the numerous acts of violence that took place in Mexico and Guatemala in the past years.  


Through the use of poetic metaphor, every artwork gives a second life to elements that were originally associated to affliction and social conflicts. The conceptual strength of these artworks resides in this meaning, activated by the artist. One may use its imagination and internalize the discourse surrounding Margolles’ pieces, therefore, becoming susceptible of being deeply touched.


Mundos is both touching and moving. It gives a more profound meaning to what we hear everyday in the media, and makes us want to do something about it. With this exhibition, Margolles allows us to reflect on our role in these socio-political conflicts; thus reminding us how important it is to stay sensitive about human rights.



Photography Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal

Orama Residence by Smart Design Studio

Orama Residence by Smart Design Studio

"Loen" by Design Studio Kneip

"Loen" by Design Studio Kneip