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Anniversary's Selection from SOUK (at) SAT 2016 Edition

Anniversary's Selection from SOUK (at) SAT 2016 Edition

The 13th edition of SOUK (at) SAT has opened its doors in Montreal on Wednesday November 30 and will be open until Sunday December 4. Imagined and founded by creative director Azamit, the SOUK offers a lively atmosphere to shop through a curated edit of local contemporary creations.


As the holiday season is coming, Anniversary's editors invested some time in gathering their own SOUK selection of curiosities.

The following selection will be available online soon. Sign up to stay updated.




"Les « 7 Deadly Soaps » se veulent une bénédiction pour l’âme; une invitation sensuelle à prendre soin de soi et de son prochain."

> 7deadlysoaps.com





Atelier Mÿm is a maker of fine and bespoke notebooks. Each piece is unique, meticulously hand sewn and bound using traditional craftsmanship methods. Mÿm notebooks are made with acid-free, fine grain paper and high-quality leather and fabric.







COUPLE d’IDÉES is based in Montreal, a dynamic city enriched by its multicultural and linguistic diversity. It is fertile ground for creation and innovation, and in 2006 it was designated a “UNESCO city of Design.”





"Le projet d'Armes est né du désir d'offrir un nouveau design de luminaires. Cette nouvelle marque, lancée au printemps 2016, propose des lampes différentes en terme de design et de technologies. Chaque lampe est une création authentique qui associe un design esthétique à un éclairage agréable et économe en énergie."





David holds a Bachelor of Architecture from the School of Architecture of Université Laval. Over the past 15 years, he has worked on many international projects spanning the fields of Art, Design and Architecture. In 2010 he spent a year in Asia to develop and experiment woodworking, engraving, sculpture and metal casting techniques.

> davidumemoto.com




"Les produits INSHU sont des produits de qualité faits maison avec ingrédients de la cuisine traditionnelle érythréenne."






Leclubmay was created by Valéry Lemay, following a small summer challenge where she had to draw daily and share her images on Instagram. The pleasure to create dreamy universe mixing the human body with plants was so great that she decided to create the club.





Based in Montreal, Objets Mécaniques is a slow design “laboratory” whose mission is to design handmade everyday objects. These objects are made useful through basic needs and actively contribute to a domestic space’s physical and psychological ergonomics.





From its Montreal office and studio, our creative design company creates high-end dishware and architectural design pieces for the luxury hospitality industry across the globe. Founder Pascale Girardin has won numerous awards and distinctions for her work as a visual artist and designer, including the Pierre-Pagé prize and repeated recognition from the Canada Arts Council. Recent projects include large-scale installations at Printemps Hausman in Paris, the Four Seasons Place in Pudong, Shanghai and a special collaboration with Harry Winston in New York.





point de marge is a collection of hand woven and dyed stationary, made by Katarin Laruelle. onfluenced by minimalism and conceptual art along with the world of fibre, katarin Laruelle combines her passion for paper and stationary with her craftsmanship in weaving and dyeing.

> pointdemarge.com


SOUK (at) SAT 2016 Edition
Société des arts technologiques [SAT]
1201, boul. Saint-Laurent
Montreal (Quebec) Canada

Wednesday, November 30 – 12PM to 9PM
Thursday, December 01 – 12PM to 9PM
Friday, December 2 – 12PM to 9PM
Saturday, December 3 – 12PM to 7PM
Sunday, December 4 – 12PM to 7PM


Head image: David Umemoto

Cyber Art Market: Decorative and Business Logic

Cyber Art Market: Decorative and Business Logic

Digital Art in the Cyberspace

Digital Art in the Cyberspace